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Zine 2023 Table of Contents Reveal

The Zine is gearing up for it's third year and third issue, and we've got a lot of great work to share with you all this year! First up is the cover for 2023, once again from Zine editor Matt Klein. Like last year's nature-themed cover, this year invites readers to participate, tracing the maze to try and make it through to the other side. And while the inside of the zine isn't meant to be a puzzle, we do hope that readers take their time to navigate its pages, stopping to appreciate the great talents pulled from around the Chippewa Valley and beyond. Here's our table of contents for 2023! Look for the issue itself to be available for free at this year's Pride in Phoenix Park event on June 10!

Zine 2023 Table of Contents

"A Tale of Two Sapphics" by Katie Fouks

"Replenish" by Alfie

"New Skin" by Alfie

"Miss Cued" by Allison Fradkin

"Body" by Len Johnson

"When Henry" by G. V.

"Fairy Circles for Broken Hearts" by Charles Payseur

"Stormé Give Me Strength" by Chris Heizer

"Yin and Yang" by Taylor soko...

"JJ’s Honeys and Jams" by Cheyenne Nardin

"just know, you are missed" by El Morgen

"Not Today, But Hopefully Soon" by Matthew Morgan

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