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The Library Has Moved In!

With the winter being so bitterly cold, there’s nothing quite like a cozy area to settle down in and read a book. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to read queer books or want to expand your horizons, we are excited to announce the Lending Library collection is shelved and available for perusal at the LGBTQ+ Center Space on Dewey Street. Alas, due to COVID-19 it is still by appointment, but you are welcome and encouraged to make one!

What will you find? Well, books, obviously! We have everything from cookbooks to YA to history to poetry, and books from all manner of creatives, including a section full of local authors. If you’d like a copy of Zine 2021, those are available as well. (Don’t want to physically drop by but still want to read our zine? Find it electronically here)

The Lending Library offers more than just books, though. Feel free to sign up to be added to the PenPal list, or flip through our archive of past newsletters. Interested in exploring new pronouns, either for fun or personal use? We have a binder full of them, as well as their usage in sentence form. Looking for a book that specifically has diverse pronouns? Check out our list of what we have shelved, and for which pronouns.

We also have a small selection of items that are not for checkout, but to be enjoyed in the center space. Among those are a few tabletop RPG books. Feel free to read and explore those, or to have a small session of your own in the center space. We have dice available if you don’t have your own! We’re also working to expand a selection of zines to enjoy while you’re here, so check back for anything new and interesting.

So get excited for books and more as the lending library finds its home in the Center space! There’s art, a FAQ about the library, instructions for check out, and even a box to take donated material. Whatever you’re into, you might just find it at the lending library. And if there’s something you feel is missing, feel free to drop a suggestion to

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