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February 2024 Additions

Our first new addition is Mañana: Latinx Comics from the 25th Century. Created to combat feelings of hopelessness regarding Latin American people and their descendants, this gorgeous collection offers sci-fi stories by Latino/e/a/x creatives set in a variety of possible futures. With science fiction and graphic storytelling as the medium to convey these tales, this book contains imaginative possibilities where the future is for everyone. From the back cover:


"What awaits Latin America in the next 500 years? Mañana: Latinx Comics from the 25th Century is the first sci-fi comics anthology from P&M Press, featuring 27 stories by Latinx creators from across the hemisphere. Set throughout Latin America in the 2490s and beyond, Mañana presents readers with a radical array of futures, ranging from post-apocalypse, to liberationist utopia, to slice-of-life magical realism. “El futuro es nuestro.” The future is ours."


Next up we’re adding When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria to our shelves. These comics are short and sweet: told in one-page format, these powerful stories show a small slice of the transgender experience in a positive light, to highlight the euphoria that can be grasped in a world otherwise focused on trans dysphoria. Showcasing creatives from many different backgrounds, these comics offer joy and hope. From the back of the book:


"I’ve always been this way…and I always will be. When I Was Me is a collection of one-page autobiographical comics about the joyful experiences of being transgender. With dozens of creators sharing their stories, this book is a wonderful reminder that the trans experience is full of beauty and happiness."

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