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The Lending Library Passes 100 Books

We are pleased to announce that this month’s acquisitions have put us over 100 books! While the lending library is small now, we hope to grow more in the future and make available more titles to check out. At this point we have books in a variety of genres and reading levels, and are likely able to offer you at least one of something you desire. We will be adding books every month moving forward, with other additions as applicable.

The lending library has been a labor of love, striving to connect you with content created by LGBTQIA+ creators from all walks of life. We are currently looking into genres and texts we haven’t explored yet, as well as add to what we already have on the shelves. We’re excited to offer new works each month!

Sadly, due to COVID-19 the library has been remote at this point. However, we will be moving back into a more physical space in the coming months, with options for browsing what we have to offer. Moving forward, we have plans for everything from author interviews to books by local writers. Are you itching to get your hands on a particular story type or theme? Reach out and we’ll see if we can connect you to what we already have, or look into acquiring what you need (or both!). In the meantime, feel free to browse our selection here.

As we grow and expand we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see. Feel free to give us your thoughts, and of course, enjoy what we have to offer! Happy reading!

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