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October 2023 Additions

The connections between Halloween and queer culture are expansive, so it's probably no surprise that we're happy to feature some recent horror anthologies that feature works by a range of queer authors. Specifically, we're looking at works written by queer and trans authors exploring the intersections of identity, bodies, and horror. These are definitely appropriate for spooky season, and we're exited to share them with you.

First up is Your Body is Not Your Body: A New Weird Horror Anthology edited by Alex Woodroe with Matt Blairstone. Sales of the anthology benefit Trans Youth in Texas (in response to the real world horror of the anti-trans laws passed in that state) and the works at turns confront, unsettle, and inspire. Because while some of the stories are bleak indeed, the collection as a whole leaves room for hope and doesn't let the horror trope of "bury the queers" go unchallenged. From the publisher:

"A centaur seeks illicit surgery in an alien bodily modification club. Two medieval monks react to their transformation and demonic pregnancy in very different ways. A resourceful trans teen destroys sports bigots through the power of pluckiness...and abundant body horror. A stellar cathedral crosses galaxies to dump the corpse of God into a star before the mission devolves into a panoply of psychedelic orgies. A doxxed teen falls victim to violent assault and dishes out some harrowing retribution of their own."

"Over thirty Trans and Gender Nonconforming creators unite to voice their rage, and the rules of conventional Horror go out the f$%&ing window in this collection featuring murderous pleasure-bots; proselytizing zombies; acid-filled alien cops; science run amok; sorcerers, ghouls, cannibals...and that barely scratches the grave-dirt."

Our second addition is Bound in Flesh: An Anthology of Trans Body Horror, edited by Lor Gislason. This collection leans much more into the terrifying and cringing realities of having a body, and having it do things that are deeply troubling. Giving trans and queer authors room to really dig into the horrors of being embodied, the works are probably not for the feint of heart, but continue the long tradition of queer and trans horror that portray with unflinching clarity the complexities and chilling possibilities of flesh. From the publisher:

"BOUND IN FLESH: An Anthology of Trans Body Horror brings together 13 trans and non-binary writers, using horror to both explore the darkest depths of the genre and the boundaries of flesh. A disgusting good time for all! Featuring stories by Hailey Piper, Joe Koch, Bitter Karella, and others. Edited by Lor Gislason."

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