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Introduction Interview with Katie Bushman, President

The CVLGBTQ+ Community Center is going through changes! As part of an effort to restructure and refocus our efforts, a new temporary president has been elected. Here’s a bit more from our new president, Katie Bushman!

To start off, please tell us a little about yourself.

I'm an over-enthusiastic crafting nerd who lives just north of Chippewa with my spouse and four goofy kiddos. When I’m not working at our fabulous rainbowy craft store I have a bunch of pets, instructing Aqua Zumba classes, and lots of great community orgs that keep me busy. My favorite animal is an axylotyl, my favorite food is pho, and the best book I've read lately is Different Kinds of Fruit by Kyle Lukoff (which my awesome 11 year old and I read together).

How did you get involved in the Center?

I’ve been tangentially involved with the Center in several ways over the last year, including Pride planning and helping to get Transforming the Valley off the ground. After Pride this year I officially accepted a position with the Center on the management team.

What do you hope to accomplish as President?

There are so many amazing people in our community and in our organization who want to help queer folx. This organization is poised to grow in new directions, and my hope is to give all our members, volunteers, and community members a voice in that process. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next year takes this organization!

Thank you for bringing your energy and enthusiasm to the Center. We look forward to seeing where we go next under your leadership!

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