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April 2024 Additions

It is April and we are very excited both for the upcoming fine weather and the fact we’re adding even more books by local authors! Come on down to the Community Center to hang out, check out what’s here, and browse what’s available to sample from our local talents. And now, the books:


Bendy Bones and Stretchy Skin: An Ehlers-Danlos Book by Pey Carter and Abigail Bailey, is perfect for the 4-8 years crowd. Following Abigail’s journey with an invisible illness, this story is full of heart and acceptance. Whether you’re looking to show a child a new perspective or wanting to connect with a sweet story about invisible illness, this book is both frank and kind. You might even gain a new appreciation for zebras! From the back cover:


“When Abigail is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, at first, her classmates don’t understand.

 Abigail doesn’t look like she has a disability. What is her special chair for? How do walk breaks help?

 With friendly illustrations and a lot of heart, Abigail and her mom bring awareness to her invisible illness—and her friendships grow stronger because of it.”


Next up we have Light the Lamp: A Puck & Pen Novel by Sam LaRose.  This is the first book in Sam LaRose’s new series, and a departure from their two previous series focusing on bands, music, and second chances. The first book kicks off with the worlds of hockey player and struggling writer colliding, leading to the unexpected. For anyone wanting a romance with a not-completely-androgynous non-binary lead, this book is for you. From the back cover:


“Pietr Ivanov is skating into his 10th pro-hokey season with a new team, in a new city. Fresh off a successful play-off run, he’s looking forward to connection with his teammates and settling in. When he joins his captain for drinks, he doesn’t expect the night to change his life.

 Harper Wyatt has lived in Manhattan for nearly a decade. As a still-floundering author, they take the little wins where they can and their favorite place to do that is the Mounting Bison. Celebrating the publication of their second book with their besties, they anticipate a couple of drinks, lots of laughs, and then calling it an early night.

 When Pietr spies Harper across the bar, he’s immediately smitten. He has no idea what “non-binary” means, but he’s open minded and willing to learn. Harper typically steers clear of the Osprey players that frequent the bar with their captain, but Pietr has zero qualms about approaching them—in the bar bathroom of all places. And thus, in the first Meet Cute of their life, Harper’s quiet, single lief is upended.”


And finally, we’re adding We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2022 ed. by Naomi Kanakia and series ed. Charles Payseur. These nineteen short stories show you a variety of queer worlds to stir your imagination of possible futures and realities. This third volume in the ongoing We're Here series joins previous 2020 and 2021 editions already in our collection. From the back of the book:


“The third volume in Neon Hemlock’s yearly series celebrating the breadth and variety of queer speculative fiction across the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and everywhere in between.”


Feel free to drop by and check out these or any other books by local creatives. Or check out our interview with author Sam La Rose!

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