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Representation in media is a complicated issue when it comes to LGBTQ+ topics and truths. Not only are queer characters in popular media, from books to movies, written and portrayed by people doing so outside their own experiences/identities, but there’s still a pervasive attempt to censor and suppress any and all LGBTQ+ content, from attempted boycotts and book bans to quiet corporate policies that marginalize, hide, or merely imply LGBTQ+ content.

This moderated panel will attempt to engage with the thorny issues arising from representation when it can misstep, but also how vital and literally life-saving it can be when queer people can find themselves in media, particularly in books, stories, and graphic novels. The authors come from a variety of backgrounds and write and publish in a variety of formats and genres. There will be time following the panel for a Q&A with the authors. 

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