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September 2022 Additions

September means the end of the summer, but it also means it’s time for another book dump! This month we are pleased to add fourteen new books to our collection, all in the genres of mystery and/or thriller. If you’re in the mood for intrigue or suspense, consider checking one of these excellent books out! Read on for a brief overview of what’s new:

By Way of Sorrow and Survivor’s Guilt by Robyn Gigl are two legal thrillers written by a trans woman and starring a trans woman. Follow Erin McCabe, a criminal defense lawyer, as she navigates the legal world while representing underdogs she holds close to heart, all while dealing with family drama and finding a little bit of love for herself. We now have the first two books in this new series, so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next!

Did you read the first of the Motts Cold Case Mysteries? Were you anticipating more? Well, good news—this month we’re adding the next two books, Pierced Peony and Pickled Petunia by Dahlia Donovan. These continue the exploits of Pineapple “Motts,” autistic ace amateur sleuth, as she tracks down cold case murderers and perhaps enjoys some chocolate or curry along the way.

Next up we’re adding Iron Goddess: A Shea Stevens Thriller by Dharma Kelleher. Do you want to read a fun, fast-paced, action-filled thriller involving kidnappings and motorcycle gangs? Then this book has you covered, with intense action and an exciting heroine who’s out to rescue her abducted niece.

Clear Motives: A Nick Fabian LGBT Thriller by Reis Asher is a mystery with a trans man as the main character. After leaving the police, Nick becomes a PI and works to track down the killer of a woman the cops believe to be a victim of suicide.

The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton is set in Wales and revolves around a woman who should be getting hate-filled notes like the rest of the village, but…mysteriously doesn’t. Pick up this book to figure out what’s going on in a small, out-of-the-way town!

The Verifiers by Jane Pek follows Claudia, a recruit for an online dating detective agency, as she investigates a missing client and wades through the challenges of both family and love life while at it. This story brings the digital age into the mystery.

Bury Me When I’m Dead by Cheryl A. Head begins in Detroit with PI Charlie Mack. When Charlie takes her team to Alabama to track down a missing person, things take a turn for the dramatic with a subsequent double murder and then an attack on Charlie’s own life.

Bad Things Happen by Rebecca Barrow is a YA mystery set on a cursed island. When the curse comes to claim Luca’s sister Whitney, Luca dives headfirst into solving the mystery of all the unexplained deaths.

The Labyrinth’s Archivist by Day Al-Mohamed is a science fiction novella taking place in a waystation called the Labyrinth, where information is stored. Azalea, blind, finds she must utilize the knowledge in the Great Archive and track down a poisoner before it’s too late.

Building 46 by Massoud Hayoun follows the story of Sam Saadoun as he travels to Beijing and brushes up against the strange and compelling. A disturbing murder mystery grips him as he attempts to navigate school in the university there, the creepiness centering around one specific building…

The last two books we’re adding are revised reprints of older works. Check out Fadeout by Joseph Hansen, the first of the classic Dave Brandstetter mysteries. Set in the 1960’s, WW2 vet PI Brandstetter tracks down what happens to missing man Fox Olson when his car is found wrecked.

Lay Your Sleeping Head by Michael Nava is a reprint of the 1986 book The Little Death and is the first in the Henry Rios series. Lawyer Henry Rios gets caught up in investigating the death of his lover Hugh when the man turns up dead in mysterious circumstances.

Love mysteries? Consider checking one of these out!

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