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Pride Parade

Mission & Values

We aim to provide services and create educational programs that promote well-being and unity within & among the LGBTQ+ community. We work to promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and of individuals within that community in the Chippewa Valley (Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn County). 

Our Work: 

What We Do: 

Our goal is to normalize queerness in the Chippewa Valley and empower LGBTQ+ folks to live as their true selves.


Sharing Resources. We provide information about places folks can access safe, affirming spaces, and offer reading materials that contain actual queer representation. Our lending library and Safe Spaces Resource Guide (currently under development) are avenues to connect individuals with information that will help them find what they need in our community.

Building Community. We connect LGBTQ+ individuals with opportunities to make social connections. Events like Pride in the Park and Queer Prom provide space for queer folks to connect with one another and celebrate. Our interest groups and pen pal exchange offer ways to build lasting relationships with others in the LGBTQ+ community.

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