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The donation you provide may be eligible for a tax deduction.  Your donations help us provide community services and resources.

Click the highlighted text to be directed to the portal for that fund.

Personal Giving – Your donation will be added to the General fund to be used as the Board deems necessary.  This can include but is not limited to uses for office space, resources, outreach, events, media, and program development.

Builder Fund – Your donation will be used to fund our office space, including rent, expenses, supplies, and furnishings to make the Center more accessible and comfortable for our volunteers and guests.

Media Fund – Your donation will be used to grow our Library.

Transforming the Valley - Your donation will help fund programs that support transgender individuals.

Youth Fund – Your donation will provide entertainment and resources for our youth support efforts.  Note this money is not used for education.

Higher Education Fund – Your donation will be directed to our Andrew Cray Memorial Higher Education Fund.

Events & Outreach Fund – Your donation will be used to fund outreach projects and events, including tables at local fairs.  Outreach is an essential component of our operations and many of our smaller events run at cost or a small deficit.  Please note that this fund does not include individual Pride Sponsorships.

Pride Sponsorships – Your donation will help us provide additional activities, allow for smoother operations, and defer out-of-pocket costs for our vendors, organizers, and guests.  Personal Pride sponsorships will be applied to the next annual Pride event (e.g., sponsorships in July, 2021, will be applied to the 2022 event).

After you donate...

Receipts and Recognition – Your donation will be noted with an email from our organization's treasurer.  This will include information on requesting any needed tax documentation.  Unless you have requested your donation be listed as "Anonymous," our monthly newsletter will include your name as a sponsor/donor in its next issue.  You will also be recognized on our annual recognition plaque.  Unless otherwise specified, the name will appear "B. Donor" as it appears on payment information.