Andrew Cray Memorial

Higher Education Fund

Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ has teamed with local donors to provide higher education funding for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin

Donors – For information on providing a gift to the Higher Education Fund through mail or in person, contact our Vice President in charge of the fund or our organization's treasurer.  To donate now, click here.


Application and Eligibility – Application and eligibility questions can be directed here while we are updating our website.

Transparency – Our donors and our public deserve transparency in how the fund operates.  Public inquiries about the fund should be directed here.

Great News – Despite the challenges we faced as a community due to COVID-19, the Center (CVLGBTQ+) worked with the Andrew Cray Memorial team virtually to partner.  Our agreement was finalized in March, 2021, and papers were filed in June, 2021, to establish the bank account for the fund.  The fund is managed separately from Center funds by a team of people dedicated to improving Chippewa Valley's LGBTQ+ community experience.

Future Developments – Bookmark this page and check back for updates, including online gifts, online application, and fundraising events.